Quality Control

HazTrain’s reputation is dependant on the satisfaction of our clients. We are a customer service driven organization which prides itself on a positive relationship with each of our customers. These relationships have developed through our open lines of communication with our clients and our Quality Control Plan.

Our Contract Managers communicate regularly with client Contract Representatives to ensure the contract is being performed competently. These open lines of communication between allows for ease of tracking our clients’ satisfaction.

HazTrain Philosophy

HazTrain’s approach to quality parallels the Navy’s Total Quality Leadership (TQL) philosophy. The cornerstone of our quality effort is the belief that prevention is always less costly than problem correction. Nowhere is this maxim more important than in dealing with Environmental compliance and training. In emphasizing a prevention approach, we employ the TQL philosophy to ensure we do not waver from this focus. The following are a few examples:

When something does go wrong, we do not attack people. Instead, we attack the process that created the problem. We view an error or deviation from the norm as an opportunity to learn. Once the problem is resolved, our emphasis immediately shifts to finding ways to fail-safe the process.

We encourage and train employees to think in terms of the entire system and not just their particular areas. One of the many benefits of a “system” mentality is that it encourages individuals to think beyond their immediate sphere of influence and to consider the long-term consequences of their actions.